home & heART: A Better Place to Be

Oxonian Kathy Stubblefield graciously volunteered her beautiful home to be one of our first subjects in our new blog series, home & heART. Of the many pieces of art in her home, Kathy chose to talk about a bench crafted by John Haltom at Roxie Woodworks that welcomes all who come through her door. 

What drew you to this piece?
The simplicity of the piece and it was the right size. 

What emotions or memories does it illicit?
The bench is pleasing to my eye, so I like the way it looks when I come in the door. It makes me happy to see it— it is a perfect fit and it is so practical— one might sit on it or set your bags on it.

How do you choose where you put art in your home?
Sometimes there is a hole that needs to be filled, so I look for something to go there. Other times I find a piece of art that I love and then I create a hole that needs to be filled by that particular piece of art.

Why is collecting art important?
There are two reasons for me, (1) collecting art makes my home a better place to be, and (2) I think it is so important for a community to have an active art community. If I don't support that community, then I will not have an art community. 

What advice do you have for people looking to buy art for their homes?
Listen to that voice inside your head! And get to know the people in your area who run the art galleries. They can help you.