home & heART

When we built the building that would become the Oxford Treehouse Gallery, we wanted to evoke both the openness of a traditional art space and the coziness of one’s own home. Later, when we designed our house, we wanted to sustain that feeling. The art collections in our home, guest apartment, and gallery reflect years of memories, friendships, travels, hard work, experiences, our collective history, and our independent tastes.

As artists, we are constantly asking ourselves what draws people to a particular piece?

As gallery owners, we want to know what facilitates the jump between admiration in an exhibit and having it in your own home.

As art collectors, we are always curating our own spaces, taking note of others’, wondering about our next find, and where we can place it in our lives.

We started this blog as an open exploration of how art fits into our lives. What happens to the art after it leaves our gallery? We pride ourselves in curating our collections so that there are options for everyone. From $10 block print tea towels to $10,000 landscapes, everyone deserves art in their home.  

We ask people:
Why did you choose what you chose? What role does it play in your environment after you take it home? What do you place on pedestals (literally/figuratively)? What piece makes you smile or remember every time you pass it in the hallway? What lives in the living room? What watches over our bed or dwells in our hearts forever?

These questions, photographs of real homes, and discussions with artists and art lovers alike comprise the meditations of this collection. We'll post every Saturday to begin with, so come back and visit us! 

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Display/cabinet/ceramics collection includes work by Matt Long, Ashley Chavis, Ron Dale, Walter Neill, Burlon Craig, Sarah Teasley, Austin Wallace, Jill Foote-Hutton, Yerger Andre, Chad Mars, Tara Wilson, Vernon Owen.